Inkjet Microarray Applications

Small Molecule Microarrays

Cost-effective compound screening


Fast, cost-effective hit detection

Small molecule microarrays are a fast, reliable, cost-effective method of compound library screening. Immobilise whole compound libraries onto functionalised slides for convenient screening against your target.

Ideal for groups who are 

  • screening for binding interactions against a protein of interest
  • targeting RNA structures to modulate disease at the translation level
  • developing PROTACs for targeted protein degradation, or DUBTACs for targeted protein stabilisation
  • training and testing AI-powered drug discovery systems

Integrate an Arrayjet instrument into your in-house discovery pipelines for high-throughput microarray printing with minimal manual input and sample use. Or, outsource to our experienced application scientists for assay development, primary screening, and microarray manufacture.

Arrayjet’s CRO / CMO services include access to a deeply-annotated catalogue of 11.5 billion compounds from Chemspace, which features curated panels for different molecule types and target groups.


Increase your throughput

The Inkjet Advantage

Our systems allow for reliable walk-away operation and deliver highly reproducible microarrays at unrivalled speed.

Print in DMSO

Printing at 10 mM directly in DMSO means there are no extra liquid handling steps.

Conserve your sample

We require just 0.5 µl of sample to produce 1000 screening slides.

Never miss a hit

Quality is assured with AI-driven software for 100% deposition yield.

Meet commercial targets

Our inkjet microarrayers have the capacity and speed to meet your throughput demands.

Choose your surface chemistry

Our range of assay surfaces includes specially developed isocyanate slides as well as epoxy.

Choose a compound library

Screening and manufacturing services include access to ready-designed panels from Chemspace.

Instruments and services are delivered from our ISO 13485:2016 controlled manufacturing facility.

Arrayjet's Mercury Microarray Inkjet Printer


Mercury for Small Molecule Screening

The first commercial platform for small molecule microarrays. Combines the world-class printing of a Mercury instrument with a scanner, optimised consumables, and proprietary protocols for high-throughput compound screening.


Outsource to our
Arrayjet Advance™ Team

Access our microarray application expertise and the fastest, most versatile microarray printers, when you outsource your development and manufacturing projects to us.

ArrayPlex™ Spot-On-Spot Microarrays

Arrayjet’s unique inkjet approach to bioprinting allowed us to develop ArrayPlex™ – our patented microarray platform. With ArrayPlex™ we can create multi-layered microarrays, allowing two libraries to be screened against each other. This takes throughput to the next level, generating millions of data points each week.

ArrayPlex™ is compatible with all sample types and detects hits at an equal or higher sensitivity to ELISA.

Let's work together


Our scientists will work to understand your needs and deliver a microarray solution for you. If you have an idea for a project – we’re excited to hear it.