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Gel Company – ArraySlide 16 Hybridization Chamber Cassette


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Product Code  AHF16

Product Description

With rectangular openings for 1 slide. ArraySlide 16 Hybridization Chamber Cassette fits one microarray slide rectangular openings for 1 slide and sections it into 16 individual surfaces for multiple simultaneous protein, gene expression, or screening analysis studies. Unit includes lower carrier tray, upper structure plate, and gasket.

Unlike other systems, this device utilizes a compression fit gasket, eliminating the presence of contaminating adhesives. The 7 mm x 7 mm surfaces are positioned 9 mm apart in a 2 x 8 format for easy loading by multi-channel pipettes or automated robots. The Hybridization Chamber Cassette itself is made from a durable, flat, precision machined aluminium to ensure proper slide alignment and leak-free arrays.

The top Hybridization Chamber Cassette face is embossed with a letter and number panel for easy identification of each subarray. For higher throughput needs, the ArraySilde 24 (1 glass plate), ArraySlide 16-4 (4 slides in one chamber), ArraySlide 24-4 (4 slides in one chamber) and the ArrayPlate 96 (1 glass plate) systems are available.

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