December 12, 2022

Application Note: Switch your RPPA Assay to Inkjet Printing

Arrayjet Mercury Printing Nitrocellulose

Many research groups print microarrays of cell lysates and protein extracts for Reverse Phase Protein Array (RPPA). 

Our latest application note describes a modified Laemmli buffer formulation and protocol recommendations for RPPA printing on inkjet microarrayers with improved density, spot morphology, and speed.

It is intended as a basic guide for researchers and technicians considering moving their RPPA printing procedures from contact pin spotting to inkjet microarray technology.

Read the full application note:

RPPA – Transition from contact pin spotting of cell lysates and protein extracts to high-speed, contactless inkjet printing / Modification of Laemmli buffer formulation for Reverse-Phase Protein Array (RPPA) using Arrayjet inkjet microarrayers.

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Arrayjet Mercury Printing Nitrocellulose

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