Inkjet Microarray Applications

Protein & Antibody Microarrays

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20+ years of protein array expertise

Since 2000, Arrayjet has been printing proteins onto slides, microplates, and biochips for multiplex array-based assays. Our instruments and services are used worldwide in research settings and for commercial manufacture.

Arrayjet protein arrays are used for:

  • Protein characterisation and proteomics research
  • Antibody discovery and antibody validation
  • High-throughput screening for biologics
  • Drug target identification
  • Biomarker discovery and validation
Increase your Research throughput

The Inkjet Advantage

Our unique microarray platform delivers reproducible, high-density microarrays with excellent spot morphology and consistency.

Screen samples faster

Load up to 18,400 samples at once. Print up to 100,000 features per slide, and up to 1000 slides per batch.

Protect samples end-to-end

Controlled, refrigerated conditions maintain sample integrity before, during and after printing.

Reduce overall costs

High-speed printing, low sample usage, and reliable walk-away operation saves time and money.

Adopt proven protocols

e.g. for printing viscous proteins onto nitrocellulose.

Instruments and services are delivered from our ISO 13485:2016 controlled manufacturing facility.

Arrayjet's Mercury Microarray Inkjet Printer


Mercury for Protein Screening

A complete platform for high-throughput analysis of protein and antibody libraries. Combines the world-class printing of a Mercury instrument with recommended substrates and reagents, an autoloading microarray scanner, and optimised protocols for downstream processes.


Outsource to our
Arrayjet Advance™ Team

Access our microarray application expertise and the fastest, most versatile microarray printers, when you outsource your development and manufacturing projects to us.

ArrayPlex™ Spot-On-Spot Microarrays

Arrayjet’s unique inkjet approach to bioprinting allowed us to develop ArrayPlex™ – our patented microarray platform. With ArrayPlex™ we can create multi-layered microarrays, allowing two libraries to be screened against each other. This takes throughput to the next level, generating millions of data points each week.

ArrayPlex™ is compatible with all sample types and detects hits at an equal or higher sensitivity to ELISA.

“Arrayjet’s technology was chosen as we needed to quintuple capacity, preferably with one Instrument, its hi-tech, precise and user-friendly capabilities was an obvious benefit. One of the added advantages of the company structure is that they provide in-house printing through ‘Arrayjet Advance’ and we were able to carry out several studies over several months to reaffirm our belief that the technology would improve many facets of our operation. These studies provided me with the evidence there would be vast leaps in repeatability and ultimately higher-quality arrays than I could ever imagine. ”

Ignacio Pino, President, CDI Laboratories
Manufacturer of the HuProt™ Human Proteome Array

“Our Arrayjet Marathon has been instrumental in achieving the throughput and reliability that have been needed for the production of antigen arrays for validation of 47,000 antibodies within the Human Protein Atlas. It has also shown to be highly suitable for the production of our large-scale arrays that comprise over 20,000 features per array in both antigen and reverse phase serum arrays. We have arrayed more than 12,000 slides with the Arrayjet Marathon over the last five years and it has become a very important part of our research group and the SciLifeLab National Affinity Proteomics protein array facility.”

Peter Nilsson, SciLifeLab and KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

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