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Inventors of inkjet microarray printing

About us

We specialise in ultra-low-volume dispensing

Arrayjet is a leading microarray company that provides solutions to researchers and development groups across academia, biotechnology, pharma and diagnostics.

Our patented inkjet platform combines the fastest and most reliable bioprinting instruments with the versatility to print any biological sample type onto any solid substrate. Applications range from antibody characterisation to gene expression profiling and small molecule screening. We use our in-house application and engineering expertise to collaborate with customers for novel application development, assay optimisation, scaling-up and commercial manufacture.

Our operations are based out of our ISO13485:2016 accredited facility in Edinburgh, Scotland.

our History

Over 20 years of microarray expertise

Arrayjet Ltd was established in 2000 with private equity from Archangel Investors Ltd and the Scottish Government. The company developed and patented an inkjet technology to print biological samples onto solid substrates and create microarrays. Arrayjet is at the global forefront of this field and has installed instruments throughout 5 continents since commercialisation in 2006.

In 2011 Arrayjet Advance™ was launched to offer contract research and contract manufacturing services. In 2021 we launched operations in the USA with the formation of Arrayjet Inc.

Our Commitment to Quality

Read our quality statement.

Arrayjet, led by their CEO Iain McWilliam, has proven to be knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with and I look forward to collaborating with their team in future developments.

Heng Zhu, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Let's work together

Our scientists will work to understand your needs and deliver the right solution for you. If you have an idea for a project – we’re excited to hear it. 

The Inkjet Advantage

Screen samples faster with high-speed, high-density, high-capacity microarray printing.
Tight environmental controls and real-time quality assurance ensure array reproducibility
Compatible with most biomolecules and printing surfaces. Customise microarray layouts at the push of a button.
Save time and money with increased throughput, lower maintenance requirements, walkaway operation, and minimised sample use.
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News & Resources

Recent Updates...



Small Molecules Microarrays for Drug Discovery


RPPA: Transition from contact pin spotting of cell lysates and protein extracts to high-speed, contactless inkjet printing

Arrayjet scientist loading samples into Mercury microarray printer


Arrayjet announces collaboration with Chemspace to augment its small molecule microarray services for drug discovery

Chemspace’s compound libraries are now accessible via Arrayjet's CRO / CMO services, to meet demand for novel hit-identification methods.


Argonaute, vault, and ribosomal proteins targeted by autoantibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus

University of Washington & CDI Laboratories