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methods for small molecule screening


Methods for Small Molecule Screening

Discover key methodologies for small molecule screening


Understanding Different Microarray Printing Methods 

Contact versus non-contact printing methods: Explore the advantages, benefits, and applications of inkjet printing, a non-contact printing technique developed by Arrayjet which powers life science, diagnostic, and drug discovery workflows worldwide.
Small Molecule Microarray Screening


What is Small Molecule Microarray Screening?

Small Molecule Screening: novel hit identification methods for drug discovery.
CAD Mercury 100 Panning (1)


What is Microarray Printing?

Exploring Precision in High-Throughput Analysis with Arrayjet's Advanced Microarray Printing Technology.


Screening correctly-folded GPCRs and other important targets using membrane-embedded protein arrays.

Virion Membrane Display (VirD™) microarrays from CDI Laboratories allow high-throughput screening against functional human membrane proteins.
Pictured: Adaptyv’s microengineer Gabriel Bunke, and CSO & co-founder Amir Shahein, with their Arrayjet Marathon Argus.


Inkjet dispensing DNA onto nanofluidic chips for Next-Generation Protein Engineering

Protein expression, purification and characterization directly on-chip.
Joan Salvatella


Meet Joan! One of Arrayjet’s in-house inventors

Joan joined Arrayjet in 2015 as software engineer and now manages the Development team, creating new features and products for our printers as well as improving existing ones. 
RPPA experts at the University of Kentucky


AJ in the USA

At Arrayjet, we love to support R&D and have a relationship of working with US scientists for over many years.


Arrayjet plays a key role in the development of anti-malarial vaccination

The quest to develop effective malarial vaccines is now a step closer with Scottish bio-printer manufacturer Arrayjet, selected to work with a Kenyan-based medical research group to assist ongoing R&D trials that could lead to a vaccination immunization program to tackle malaria in less than two years.

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