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RPPA experts at the University of Kentucky

The USA is the world leader in the life sciences sector. With huge investments in R&D, the sector is highly competitive.

At Arrayjet, we love to support that work and have a relationship of working with US scientists for over 15 years. Our customer support engineers have installed instruments all over the country, from New York across to Sacramento and down to Miami.

CDI Laboratories team in Baltimore
CDI Laboratories team in Baltimore

Many more customers utilise our custom array printing service because of our confidence in shipping. The following pdf download offers some guidance on shipping:

Why not hear what some of our US customers have to say?

Heng Zhu from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine had been using a contact pin-spotter that was “causing quality issues”.  After transferring to Arrayjet, he noted “the quality of our slides is significantly improved”.

At CDI Laboratories, they print the largest human proteome array, HuProt™.  To meet customer demand, CEO Ignacio Pino needed to “quintuple capacity, preferably with one instrument”.  He found “added advantages” through our in-house printing service, Arrayjet Advance™.  Ignacio was quoted as saying “we were able to reaffirm our belief that there would be vast leaps in repeatability and ultimately higher-quality arrays than I could ever imagine.

Robert Ulrich at USAMRIID needed fast, reliable tech support and found Arrayjet to be “nothing short of outstanding with any situations encountered.

We’re currently expanding our operations in the US. If you work in the life sciences industry, we’d love for you to join us.

Check out the careers openings here!

RPPA experts at the University of Kentucky

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