ArrayPlex™ is Arrayjet’s patented discovery platform. With it, we can screen two libraries against each other using our unique multi-layered array platform which amplifies signal to noise. This takes high-throughput screening to the next level and generates hits without prior knowledge of either ligand or target. 

ArrayPlex™ is made possible by the accuracy and speed of our contactless printing technology and the assay development expertise of our in-house microarray experts. 

The platform is compatible with a broad combination of sample types and is ideal for…

The Process...

Step 1

The capture library (e.g. fractionated cell lysates) is printed onto functionalised glass slides using Arrayjet Mercury instruments. The library is immobilised and unused surface is blocked.

microarray slide printing
arrayplex assay

Step 2

The test library (e.g. antibody or hybridoma library) is printed on top of the capture library by spot-on-spot microarray printing, again with Mercury instruments. Unbound test samples are removed with washing.

Step 3

Positive hits are identified with labelled affinity reagents, whilst internal assay controls eliminate false positives and negatives. Hits are taken forward for subsequent characterisation.

microarray slide arrayplex hits

2 million data points are generated in a typical 10 day screening cycle.


Case Study: High-throughput screening of hybridomas against patient tissue lysates to discover targeted cancer therapies with Immunome Inc.

In 2016 Arrayjet invented a novel therapeutic antibody screening assay for high-throughput discovery within a workflow where neither the antibody libraries nor the targets are characterised – this would become ArrayPlex™.

Immunome’s proprietary technology generates large libraries of hybridomas from patient B-cells, which are screened to discover novel targeted cancer therapies. Over a 7-year partnership, Arrayjet screened millions of interactions between antibodies and cancer tissue lysates for Immunome, all the while honing the assay.

In 2024 Immunome selected ArrayPlex™ for use in its discovery operations and ArrayPlex™ became available for new screening customers, with no exclusivity restrictions.

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ArrayPlex™ was developed and validated for antibody discovery, but it is compatible with a broad combination of sample types. If you have two libraries you’d like to screen against each other, contact us for an expert consultation.