Custom Microarray Solutions

Outsource to Arrayjet Advance™

Contract research, screening, and manufacture.

Access our microarray application expertise, and all the advantages of our inkjet bioprinting platform, with Arrayjet Advance ™ custom services.

Contract Research

Comprehensive microarray assay development – from experimental design and proof-of-concept through to validation and optimisation.

Contract Screening

End-to-end microarray screening projects where our in-house experts print, perform, analyse and report on your assay for you.

Contract Manufacture

Outsourced microarray manufacturing to expand your capacity. Our printers accommodate mass production and we can ship worldwide.

High-speed printing saves you time

Inkjet microarrayers conserve your samples

Decades of microarray expertise reduces risk to you

Dedicated application scientist guides the process

Defined project milestones keep you informed

Reproducible printing, and reliable data acquisition

Comprehensive, customisable microarray data analysis

Full reports provided

All projects are completed by our team working to controlled processes under ISO 13485:2016 accredited quality management systems. 

The Process

Technical Consultation

An initial meeting with your dedicated application scientist will ensure we understand your requirements and needs.

Step 1

Protocol Design

We design custom protocols and experiments to deliver your project.  We'll present them to you for sign-off, and then we'll get to work.

Step 2

Sample Preparation

We offer full sample preparation services, or we can work with your scientists to ensure samples arrive with us ready to print.

Step 3

Printing and evaluation

Small or large-scale printing and a scientific, iterative approach delivers you high quality results.  Your project scientist will provide you with a detailed report.

Step 4

Post Processing

Our end-to-end solution includes extensive quality checks, immobilisation and post-processing, data extraction, and bioinformatics as required. 

Step 5

Packing and shipping

Within 1-2 weeks of printing, we can ship microarrays to you or directly to your customers. We are experienced with complex shipping requirements such as specialist packaging, temperature control, and global customs imports.

Step 6

Let's work together


Customer relationships drive our innovation. If you have an idea for a new application or project, we’re excited to hear it.

Inkjet Liquid HandlinG
Tailored For You 

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 “We chose to work with Arrayjet because their instruments are unique in how many samples they can print.  By outsourcing to Arrayjet Advance, we have had access to a team of knowledgeable microarray scientists who optimised every part of our protocol, and we learned much from them.

Partnering with Arrayjet has given us the capability to print our 16k human protein arrays in lots of 1000.  Batch variation is minimal and the alignment and morphology of the spots are excellent, and I have no hesitation in recommending their technology.” 

“We have been using Arrayjet Advance for two years now and the service has been outstanding! Their technical expertise is second to none and outsourcing the development and printing of our protein arrays has shortened our time to launch. They have truly been a partner to IDS in our microarray development and it’s why we have selected them to scale up our array manufacture ahead our commercial launch.” 

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