Our Commitment to Quality

Arrayjet is dedicated to providing innovative microarray solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations. Arrayjet is further committed to compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

All instruments and services are delivered from our ISO13485:2016 controlled manufacturing environment. 

Quality Statement

Arrayjet’s activities are guided by our ongoing drive to ensure customer satisfaction.

Arrayjet is committed to the implementation of the following Quality Management System objectives:

Every effort will be made to ensure customer requirements are known and understood in all relevant organisational units and at all levels so that the commitments agreed with customers can be fulfilled according to their expectations.

Arrayjet’s business activities involve many interacting processes. It is the task of all employees throughout the business to understand, utilise and regularly review and maintain these processes in order to ensure the customers’ satisfaction and the company’s success.

Arrayjet sets and monitors adherence to appropriate indicators of performance. All employees are expected to engage in these processes to ensure standards are being maintained.

Arrayjet’s company culture is centered on trust, responsibility, and freedom to act within reasonable bounds. Employees enjoy the advantages of cooperation through teamwork and training opportunities and have the freedom to engage with and challenge management.

Suppliers contribute substantially to the stability of our manufacturing processes and therefore to the success of our company. Accordingly, their selection and the working relationship is integrated into our Quality Management System. Partnership and open communication characterise our relationship with suppliers.

Iain McWilliam Ph.D.
Arrayjet Ltd

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