Inkjet dispensing DNA onto nanofluidic chips for Next-Generation Protein Engineering

Protein expression, purification and characterization directly on-chip.

At Arrayjet, we love to see our inkjet dispensing technology used in new and exciting kinds of experiments. One great example that recently became operational is an innovative experimental system developed by Adaptyv Biosystems.

Adaptyv aims to ‘close the loop between computational prediction and experimental validation with cell-free synthetic biology and high-throughput nanofluidics’. Their microarrayer is being used to print DNA samples onto nanofluidic chips as part of their chip-fabrication process. These DNA samples encode proteins that they later express, purify, and characterize directly on-chip using a fully automated chip-running station.

We are delighted to have the Arrayjet instrument in the lab. It allows us to precisely and rapidly print the large number of samples that we need to test as part of our workflow. Arrayjet worked closely with us to optimize the microarrayer for our technology.” said Amir Shahein, CSO at Adaptyv.

It was great to be able to support this novel application” adds Adam Buckle, CSO at Arrayjet, “and hosting Amir at Arrayjet HQ during the early stages of instrument acquisition was invaluable for understanding Adaptyv’s unique requirements. We’re really excited to see the advances their new platform will make”. 

Watch this space!

Pictured: Adaptyv’s microengineer Gabriel Bunke, and CSO & co-founder Amir Shahein, with their Arrayjet Marathon Argus.

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