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HuProt™ v4.0 – Human Proteome Microarray slide

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Product Description

The HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray v4.0 contains the world’s largest number of unique, individually-purified human proteins – that’s thousands more than the not-so-close second.

The comprehensive content of the HuProt™ microarray allows thousands of interactions to be profiled in high-throughput such as the following below, across 16,152 genes, covering ~81% of the proteome.

HuProt™ is suitable for use with the following applications:

  • Antibody Specificity Testing
  • Serum/Biomarker Profiling
  • Small Molecule Profiling
  • Protein-Protein Interaction
  • DNA/RNA Binding
  • Enzyme Substrate ID

HuProt™ proteins can be analysed in the native or denatured conformation

Technical Info

The new HuProt v4.0 consists of >21,000 unique human proteins, isoform variants, and protein fragments – covering 16,794 unique genes. This includes 15,889 of the 19,613 canonical human proteins described in the Human Protein Atlas, with broad coverage across protein subclasses.

Content includes major functional classes such as intracellular proteins, membrane proteins, enzymes, secreted proteins, transcription factors, transporters, GPCRs, cytokines, immune receptors, immune checkpoints, CD markers, ion channels, cytosolic proteins, nuclear receptors. Additionally there is thorough coverage for proteins enriched in major tissues of interest such as testis, cerebral cortex, thyroid gland, skin, fallopian tube, liver, parathyroid, intestine, kidney, spleen, muscle, epididymis, lymph node, bone marrow, adrenal gland, oesophagus, heart, appendix, tonsil, prostate, rectum, adipose tissue, stomach, colon, cervix, uterus, gallbladder, seminal vesicle, breast, ovary, endometrium, smooth muscle, salivary gland, pancreas, and bladder.

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