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ONCYTE® SuperNOVA Nitrocellulose Film – 24 Pad 5 x 6mm


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Product Description

Scientists at Grace Bio-Labs have developed the ONCYTE® SuperNOVA porous nitrocellulose (PNC) slides for optimal protein binding.

A small pore provides a large surface area, contributing to the slide’s high binding capacity. The pore structures themselves promote controlled and reproducible wetting, making ONCYTE® slides ideal for microarray deposition – particularly in protein applications.

The slides are suitable for use with colourimetric, fluorescent or near infra-red detection systems.  The ONCYTE® range is easy to work with and is fully compatible with all Arrayjet microarray printers and slide scanners.

Technical Info

ONCYTE ® Porous nitrocellulose Film slides are comprised of a microporous nitrocellulose film cast on a variety of solid surfaces. They offer numerous advantages over functionalized  surface chemistries:

  • An increased available surface translates into high protein binding capacity.
  • Fluorescence Signal Amplification via the Tyndall effect for enhanced sensitivity.
  • Broad dynamic range and low detection limit

SEM image of ONCYTE® Porous nitrocellulose film. The small pore supplies a very large surface
area which contributes to its high binding capacity. The pore structures in this formulation promote controlled and uniform wetting, thus making it ideal for microarray deposition.

Tyndal Effect. When excitation light strikes the surface of the PNC, tiny voids in the film scatter the incident light, causing many of the photons to reflect back onto fluorophores, thus increasing the probability that the excitation light will be absorbed by a fluorophore. Thus the effective “extinction coefficient” is greatly increased.

Detection of Antibody Binding Capacity on Blocked Substrates. Data represent mean fluorescent intensities from serial dilutions of IgG-TRITC spotted in duplicates on multiple array slides (n=4) after extensive washing and detected with 532 nm excitation. Biotechniques: 2013 Vol 54, No 4: pg 223-225

ONCYTE® film slides are manufactured to the highest standards and quality tested, they provide excellent reliability and reproducible. There are many existing pad configurations available, and Grace has the ability to customize film patterns to meet the needs of customers. In addition, Grace offers strong R&D support for new applications and quality support for variance control of key performance indicators.

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