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Epoxy Glass Slides Bild-35 Kopie

PolyAn 2-D Epoxy (25 pack)


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Product Description

Arrayjet offers a broad PolyAn product portfolio that includes plastic and glass slides as well as functionalized 96-well plates for applications ranging from low-density microarrays and diagnostic tests to ultra-dense arrays for high-throughput screening projects.

PolyAn 2D-epoxy slides are manufactured from quality glass with an ultra-flat surface that emits low background fluorescence.  The glass is coated with a thin epoxysilane layer that will covalently bind most biomolecules, including oligonucleotides, proteins, peptides and small molecules.

The slides are easy to work with and are fully compatible with all Arrayjet microarray printers and all slide scanners.

Technical Info

Epoxides are cyclic ethers with a highly strained three member ring. Epoxy rings can be easily reacted with nucleophiles e.g. amines, hydrazines, thiols, hydroxides and carboxyl groups. Compared to NHS-esters or 1,4-Phenylene isothiocyates (PDITC) the epoxy surface is more stable and has a longer shelf-life.

Epoxy surfaces are stable up to temperatures of 40° C and are also more stable against humidity compared to NHS and PDITC-surfaces.

The nucleophilic addition is catalysed by acid or basic conditions. Under acidic conditions, the oxygen in the ring is positively charged, which facilitates the nucleophilic attack. Under basic conditions the least substituted carbon is attacked by the applied nucleophile in a standard SN2 reaction.

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