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SuperG™ Blocking Buffer 500mL


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Product Description

SuperG™ Blocking Buffer optimizes the use of nitrocellulose for protein assays using fluorescence detection. Results with SuperG™ show significant reduction in fluorescence background while maintaining the high protein-binding capacity of porous nitrocellulose.

Purified, protein-free solution has high binding efficiency for rapid and comprehensive blocking of non-specific protein.

Technical Info

Background fluorescence using SuperG™ Blocking Reagent is 3- to 10-fold lower at 532 nm and up to 6-fold lower at 635 nm.

Signal-to-Noise is 4- to 10-fold higher at 532 nm and up to 4.5-fold higher at 635 nm.

Data presented are from SuperNOVA slides blocked with SuperG™ or other protein- and non-protein-based blockers followed by sandwich assays for IL-1a, IL-1b, IL6, TNF b, and INFg.

Data are the average signal-to-noise for the 5 assays and are presented relative to blocking with a common blocker (PBS with 0.1% Tween-20).

Typical blocking results with SuperG™ show reduced background with use of SuperG™ compared to PBST.

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