Small Molecule Microarrays for Drug Discovery

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Adam Buckle, joined the Chemspace Webinar Series to present small molecule microarrays, a distinctive methodology for efficiently conducting high-throughput screening of extensive compound libraries to identify potential binding against target molecules of interest.

Watch the recording and discover:

  • What small molecule microarrays are, how they were developed, and their applications.
  • The complete process of conducting small molecule screening.
  • The types of targets they can be used for, with real case studies.
  • How this technique successfully addresses current challenges in drug discovery.

Speaker Bio

In his capacity as Chief Scientific Officer, Adam Buckle plays a key role within Arrayjet, working in close collaboration with the commercial and application scientific team. He serves as a senior consultant for new customer applications while also contributing to the development of Arrayjet’s scientific strategy. Adam’s impressive credentials include a PhD in Molecular Genetics from Edinburgh University and more than 15 years of experience in molecular biology.

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