Antibody cross-reactivity testing using the HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray

Analysis of several commercially available antibodies against nearly 75% of the human proteome.

This whitepaper was published by CDI Laboratories in partnership with Arrayjet Ltd.
by Pedro Ramos, Andrew Leahy, Ignacio Pino, and Scott Paschke (April, 2016)


A number of recent articles and commentaries published in high-impact journals detail the problems with antibody cross-reactivity, its impact on data relevancy and the amount of time and money wasted on the use of poor antibodies. In addition, there is growing demand from the NIH regarding the need for antibody standardization that would ensure that reagents used in publications are actually detecting the proteins of interest.

The use of protein microarrays to evaluate antibodies is likely to set new quality standards to evaluate antibody cross-reactivity and will also address the need for new methods to identify antibodies that can be used in robust scientific investigations, grant proposals and for commercialization.

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