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Carbohydrate Microarrays using Arrayjet Non-Contact Inkjet Technology

Printing versatile, high-resolution oligosaccharide microarrays onto a variety of substrates using Arrayjet microarrayers.

The production of carbohydrate microarrays presents unique challenges and extraction solvents can be very harsh.  Arrayjet technology is suited to printing samples with vastly different chemical and physical properties and as such, it is the first choice for many principle investigators in carbohydrates research.  Our carbohydrate application note demonstrates this versatility.


Oligosaccharides coupled to proteins form conjugates which become versatile reagents for high throughput characterisation of recognition capabilities of monoclonal antibodies, carbohydrate active enzymes, carbohydrate binding modules and other oligosaccharide binding proteins. These microarrays can be successfully printed using Arrayjet non-contact printers onto a variety of substrates. An array library of well characterised plant oligosaccharides has been developed by the Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology at The University of Copenhagen using Arrayjet robust microarrayers (Pedersen et al., 2012).

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