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JetGuard™ Probe Protection

Eliminate evaporative sample loss by using the Arrayjet JetGuard™ in combination with JetStar™ microplates


Preventing evaporation from microplates increases the number of times a source microplate can be used
for microarraying, therefore increasing the number of microarrays that can be printed from it. Using a microplate which has partially dried out also reduces the quality of microarrays produced as evaporation between wells is known to be inconsistent; evaporation rates from outer wells are higher than from wells towards the centre of the plate.

Arrayjet has optimised methods of preventing sample evaporation during print runs.  The JetGuard™ forms a seal in every single well of a 384 microplate.  Samples are protected against airborne contaminants and sample plates can be reused to produce reliable microarrayers. 

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