Glycoprofiling using Carbohydrate Microarrays, and Novel Applications

For this webinar we were joined by Prof. William Willats (N8 Agrifood, Newcastle University) and Dr. Silva Vidal Melgosa (Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology).

Their presented research demonstrates how inkjet carbohydrate microarrays can be used for profiling glycans and other applications.

Featured Topics

  • Reasons for developing glycan microarrays
  • How glycan microarrays are produced
  • Molecular probes used to interrogate glycan arrays
  • How these arrays might be used – including two in-depth examples:
    • Screening of carboactive-enzymes (CAZymes) involved in degradation of the plant cell-wall
    • Polysaccharide glycoprofiling of marine algae responsible for carbon fixation in the oceans

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