High-Density Protein Arrays and Affinity Proteomics

For autoimmunity profiling and protein profiling.

Arrayjet is joined by Ronald Sjöberg and August Jernbom Falk from the KTH affinity proteomics group at SciLifeLab who showcase their high-density protein array platform, originally developed by the Peter Nilsson group.

SciLifeLab’s Autoimmunity Profiling Facility offers proteome-wide screening for autoantibody reactivity, epitope mapping, and antibody validation and is supported by the Human Protein Atlas.

Speakers & Talks

Protein Fragments as Antigens for Microarray Production

Learn about microarrays of protein fragments – or ‘Protein Epitope Signature Tags’ (PrESTs) – from the Human Protein Atlas, how they are produced, and how they might be applied and quality-controlled in a typical project at SciLifeLab.

Ronald Sjöberg – Head of Autoimmunity Profiling National Facility, SciLifeLab, Sweden

Exploring Autoantibody Profiling in Psychiatric Disorders

Hear a case study of how this array platform is applied to autoimmune profiling, in this case exploring the immune system’s involvement in psychiatric disorders.

August Jernbom Falk – PhD Student, KTH, SciLifeLab

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