What is a microarray? And why you should care.

We were delighted to host our partners Innopsys and Grace Bio-Labs for this free educational webinar.

Tune in to gain three specialist industry insights on how the latest microarray technology could help achieve your research goals.  Ideal whether you are new to the technique, or an experienced scientist looking for a refresher.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what microarrays are and how they are made
  • Review examples of how they are used across biopharma, diagnostics, and research
  • Hear about the slides, reagents and other tools required to perform a microarray
  • Learn about fluorescence detection and how you can quantify fluorescent images of your microarray

Our Speakers

Adam BuckleLab Manager at Arrayjet.
Shawna Prange – Director Of Research Development at Grace Bio-Labs
Adriana Lagraulet – Applications Manager at Innopsys

This webinar is available on Zoom.

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